Help keep our frontline health care workers safe

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals in Ottawa are desperate for personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes protective masks, goggles and gowns - which keep both the health care professionals safe, as well as patients. In Italy and Spain, over 10% of healthcare professionals are now infected with COVID-19 due to equipment shortages, and Ontario faces similar equipment shortages. Healthcare workers are constantly releasing statements about how Ottawa is in a critical shortage.

Frontline First has reached out to a PPE manufacturer in China who has agreed to supply and ship any gear needed. This includes medical grade and FDA certified masks (N95), goggles and fully sealed gowns. Due to the urgency of healthcare professionals facing this infectious disease, the PPE will be arriving weekly in small shipments and donated to the hospitals ASAP.

All donations will go directly towards PPE orders and distributions to the hospitals, and every dollar counts. Thank you for your support! Healthcare professionals are risking their lives for us everyday to ensure that we stay healthy and safe , so let’s all work together and provide them with the equipment they need to protect themselves. In times like this, I know that we are all trying to find ways to help out - hopefully this is an opportunity for everyone to contribute and strengthen Ottawa’s fight against COVID-19.


When reaching out to the Ottawa Hospital, it was stated that the items below are what they are the most desperate for: