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Community Care Project Delivery

Community Care Delivery at the Redwoods Retirement Residence

Today we made a successful delivery to the Redwoods Retirement Residence. We were proud to donate PPE, including face shields, and hand sanitizer to the location. Moreover, we donated skin care products such as micellar water from Garnier and hand cream from Clarins to help the staff with self-care that may be hindered due to the circumstances. We are very grateful to our partners, Starbucks at the Pinecrest location, as they were able to provide us with coffee to energize frontliners at the Redwoods. Thank you for ensuring that our seniors are well taken care of during the pandemic!

Community Care Project Delivery

Community Care Delivery at Maison D'Amitié

Once again, we were able to make a successful donation to yet another women’s shelter at Ottawa. It was a pleasure to briefly meet Josee from Maison D’Amitie and hand off face shields, hand sanitizer and pick-me-ups for the hardworking staff! We are so grateful for Red Bull and Starbucks at the Barrhaven branch for providing us with energizing drinks that could uplift the staff at such times! Thank you to Josee and all the frontliners at Maison D’Amitie who work hard to provide a safe and caring environment to Ottawa women!

Community Care Project Delivery

Community Care Delivery at the Cornerstone Housing for Women

It was a pleasure to make a delivery to the Cornerstone Housing for Women. We were met with a very warm welcome. We were so grateful to have been able to drop off some essential items that are in low capacity at such locations due to the COVID-19 circumstances. We hope that the donated face shields, hand sanitizer and skin care products find all the staff well, and that they are energized with our Starbucks Coffee boost! We are so fortunate to have frontline workers who continue to work hard in these difficult times and keep our communities safe!

Community Care Project Delivery

Community Care Delivery at Extendicare Medex & St. Joe's

Our delivery to Extendicare Medex was a tremendous success. We are very thankful for the staff who received our items and welcomed us warmly. As a continuation of our Community Care Project where we shift our focus from Ottawa Hospitals, we have been able to donate PPE and in-kind donations to several locations, including Extendicare Medex which is a nursing home. We have also had the opportunity to donate some face shields, hand sanitizer, and energizing drinks from Red Bull and Starbucks to St. Joe’s, one of many of Ottawa’s women’s shelters. On behalf of the Frontline First team, I’d like to thank all frontline staff for all their hard work and dedication to keeping our communities safe.

Community Care Project Delivery

Community Care Delivery at the Hospice Care Ottawa Maycourt

Today we were able to continue with our series of deliveries to our Community Care Project locations. The staff at May Court Hospice were very welcoming and accepted our donations of face shields, hand sanitizer very graciously. We were also very happy to provide the hardworking staff with skin care products from Garnier, L’Oreal and Clarins. We, at Frontline First, are so grateful for the frontline workers at long term care homes who continue to work tirelessly during these especially difficult circumstances.

PPE Delivery

Another Success Drop Off at the Riverside Campus!

With the spike of COVID-19 cases in Ottawa, we have made another large donation of hand sanitizer to the The Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus, which will be distributed to both the Civic and General Campuses as well! Let’s help our health care heroes keep fighting!

PPE Delivery

Drop Off at the General Hospital

General Hospital delivery complete! We love seeing all of the kind faces at the hospital, and hope everyone is safe. Thanks for having us!

PPE Delivery

Hand Sanitizer Drop Off at the Riverside Campus

Yesterday’s hand sanitizer drop off at the Riverside Campus of The Ottawa Hospital was a success! These will be distributed throughout the Civic, General and Riverside Hospitals. Thank you to Canadian Tire for providing the sanitizer in this drop off and for making all of this possible!

Community Care Project Delivery

Community Care Project Delivery at Hazeldean Gardens

Today marks our second Community Care Project delivery! We were able to drop off a variety of donations to the Hazeldean Gardens Staff BBQ. Thank you to all the amazing and hardworking staff there - nurses, PSWs, therapists, physicians and more - for protecting some of our community’s most vulnerable individuals!

PPE Delivery

Another PPE Delivery at the Queensway Carleton Hospital

Today, we were able to drop off another batch of PPE at the Queensway Carleton Hospital! We are so grateful for our frontline workers for everything they have been doing in the past months and we hope to return to Queensway Carleton soon for another drop off!

Community Care Project Delivery

First Community Care Project Delivery

We have officially kicked off our Community Care project! Today, we donated some morale-boosting in kind donations, as well as handmade masks to the Perley & Rideau Veteran’s Health Centre! Make sure to submit your request form on the "Community Care" page for any other long term care homes or women’s shelters that could use our help!

Submit Your Community Care Project Request


Frontline Futures Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar, Frontline Futures, and supported our frontline workers! Through this event we were able to raise over $640, which will go directly in purchasing more PPE for our local Ottawa frontline workers. This successful event would not have been possible without you guys, as well as all the speakers (Dr. Kyeremanteng and Dr. Deonandan) panelists (Dr. Cheng, Dr. Nessim), and professional school students who joined us. Click below to check out some highlights from the conference!

Watch The Highlights of the Webinar!

PPE Delivery

Montfort Hospital and Heart Institute Deliveries

Frontline First was able to make successful donations to both the Montfort Hospital and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute! Thanks to our newly formed partnership with Canadian Tire, we were able to supply each facility with 200 face shields and 80L of hand sanitizer! Moreover, we were able to help our Frontline workers keep up their energy and motivation by donating cookies, courtesy of another new, Ottawa-based partner, Skuish Cookies! We are also grateful for Red Bull and their continued support, without which we cannot fuel our frontliners’ energy!

PPE Delivery

Montfort Hospital Delivery

Today, we made a drop off at the Montfort hospital! It is a smaller hospital and they graciously accepted everything. Thank you to all the hardworking staff there!


Introducing Frontline Futures!

We are launching a virtual conference titled Frontline Futures! It is a webinar designed to delve into the topics of diversity in medical careers and in the healthcare sector! The conference includes keynote speakers, Dr. Kyeremanteng and Dr. Deonandan who will describe their careers and give several examples regarding medical and research-oriented fields. We have arranged for a panel including renowned professionals, Dr. Cheng and Dr. Nessim, to answer any questions about medicine, from their journey to medicine to diversity in careers in the medical field. Moreover, there will be a Q&A session with graduate students who can share their application process and experience, as well as information on their professional school! Tickets to the event are being sold for $8.

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PPE Delivery

First Delivery at the Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital

Today, we were able to make our very first delivery at the Élisabeth Bruyère Hospital, which was a great success! We provided them with various PPE, L'Oreal and Garnier beauty products, Starbucks coffee, Red Bull, and Clif Bars to keep our front liners energized. Thank you to all the frontliners who are working tirelessly to keep us safe, we truly appreciate everything you're doing!


Introducing Frontline First's Community Care Project!

We are thrilled to announce that Frontline First will be making an expansion! We are launching our Community Care project that aims to support and donate to long term care homes, retirement homes and women’s shelters. Please head over to our Community Care Project page for more information!

Click Here to View the Community Care Project Page!

PPE Delivery

First Delivery at the Ottawa Hospital General Campus

Today, we made our first delivery at the General Campus of the Ottawa Hospital! Along with PPE, we delivered Red Bull energy drinks, nutritional bars from CLIF Bar and skin products from Garnier and L’Oréal! We are so honoured to support our Frontline workers through our donations, and we hope that they are encouraged and uplifted by our visits! We are increasingly thankful for them and all their efforts in protecting us and the community, and we hope that we can continue to do our part in supporting and protecting them in turn! We would like to send a special thank you to Registered Nurses, Jan, who received the donation, and Vanessa, for her picture update seen on our instagram page!


Partnership with Garnier and L’Oréal

Frontline First is deeply honoured and proud to announce that we have established a successful partnership with Garnier and L’Oréal! They have both been greatly generous to donate a variety of items to support our staff on the Frontline at our Ottawa Hospitals! The products being provided, such as micellar water, makeup and skin care products, are crucial to frontliners during these circumstances and can surely help relieve the tensions of selfcare! The necessity of wearing a mask for long periods of time can cause irritation and damage, so we are happy to help ease the discomfort of all staff! Thank you once again to Garnier and L’Oréal!

PPE Delivery

Another Outstanding Delivery to the Queensway-Carleton Hospital

Today, we were able to deliver more supplies to the Queensway Carleton Hospital! Not only did we deliver more PPE to help protect our workers on the frontline at this location, but we also provided them with encouraging supplies! We are ever so grateful for our sponsors who have been immensely generous thus far! We were able to relay products from Garnier and L’Oréal to help our frontliners with their selfcare. Also, we included Red Bull energy drinks as well as nutritional bars from CLIF that we hope can give those working a boost of energy and encouragement! We, at Frontline First, are very thankful to our donors, sponsors and, of course, our frontline staff that is still working diligently to protect us every day! We look forward to future deliveries to the QCH!


No Peace Until Justice Ottawa Protest General Safety & Health Information

If you are planning on participating in the No Peace Until Justice protest on Friday June 5th, please take a look at our general health and safety package for protesting during this pandemic. This covers, what we believe are important safety precautions related to COVID-19 that should be taken to keep the yourselves, your friends, your family, volunteers, as well as our hospitals safe. This information was sourced from CDC.

We would also like to clarify that we are not in affiliation with No Peace Until Justice. We have been getting a lot of questions asking about the event specifically, but we would like to stress that we cannot speak on behalf of No Peace Until Justice. Should there be any concern about the event specifically, please redirect your questions to them.

Click Here to View the Full General Safety and Health Package

PPE Delivery

Successful Delivery at the Ottawa Civic Hospital

We are so happy to have delivered PPE to the Civic Hospital along with Starbucks coffee and plenty of Clif Bars today! Once again, we had the pleasure to meet and speak with such amazing doctors and nurses! Matt (second from the left) from the Civic hospital reminded us just how important social distancing is as the summer months approach. Our fight against COVID-19 is not over yet and our frontliners are still working tirelessly day by day trying to protect us. In order to protect them, please remember to practice good social distancing & hygiene protocols!

Watch Matt's Message to our supporters!


Partnership with Clif Bar

We are proud to announce another successful partnership with Clif Bar who have agreed to provide Ottawa hospitals frontline workers with 600 clif bars! Thanks to Clif Bar, we will be able to help keep our frontline workers energized throughout their rigorous shifts.

PPE Delivery

Frontline First Sewing Crew + First Hand Sewn Masks Delivery

We have officially established our Frontline First Sewing Crew! With their help, we were able to make our first delivery of 400 hand sewn cotton masks to the Heart Institute today. This way, our frontliners will be able to conserve medical grade masks as these cotton masks will be distributed to hospital visitors instead. We greatly appreciate all of the community involvement efforts, and thanks to you guys we are protecting our frontline workers one mask at a time.

watch a summary of our face mask delivery!

see Heart Institute's shoutout!


Providing Front Liners with Clarins!

We have officially partnered with Clarins to provide our front liners with hand skin care products! This is important as our front liners are forced to over-sanitize their hands many times each day, causing them to be extremely irritated and dry. Thanks to Clarins Canada we can help relieve their discomfort during this hectic time.


Gong Fu Bao Lunch at Heart Institute

Thanks to the generous donation of Gong Fu Bao, we were able to put a smile on the faces of our very brave and deserving frontline workers at the Heart Institute today! Gong Fu Bao provided lunch to 30 frontline workers which included delicious bao sandwiches and drinks!


Face Shield Partnership with Ontario PPE Collective

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with Ontario PPE Collective to ensure the protection of our frontliners! Ontario PPE Collective have sent Frontline First 300 face shields that will be distributed across Ottawa hospitals in this coming week.

learn more about Ontario PPE Collective

PPE Delivery

PPE, Starbucks, and Red Bull Delivery at the Ottawa Civic Hospital

Today, we made a PPE, Starbucks, and Red Bull drop off at the Civic hospital! We also had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Julia Buthmann, a family medicine chief resident at the Ottawa Civic Hospital, on the importance of providing frontliners with PPE, especially in times like this. Again, we incredibly thankful for all the support that we have received to make this all possible!

Click here to watch our conversation with Dr. Julia Buthmann!

PPE Delivery

PPE and Red Bull Delivery at Montfort Hospital

Our PPE delivery to the Montfort Hospital today was a great success, they were very excited to receive all the donations today! This relatively smaller Ottawa hospital was in desperate need of PPE and we were more than happy to supply it. With your help and support, we were able to keep our frontliners protected and energized with the help of Red Bull Canada.


Frontline First Featured on University of Ottawa Student Newspaper Fulcrum!

Fulcrum, the student newspaper of the University of Ottawa, has written an article about Frontline First's fundraising efforts as well as the importance of PPE to battle COVID-19.

Click here to read Fulcrum's Article about Frontline First!


PPE Drive - A Successful Collaboration with Conquer Covid-19

Today, Frontline First partnered with Conquer COVID-19 in hosting their final Ottawa PPE drive! Not only did we collect PPE which directly helps facilities across the city, but we also collected a multitude of needed everyday items such as women’s hygiene products (tampons, pads, and adult diapers) and infant products (diapers and baby wipes) which will be donated back to our community. Our members, Alexa, Nadine, Emily and Tala, were able to attend the drive to lend a hand to the Conquer COVID-19 team. We assisted with receiving items at the drop off, securing inventory and preparing the donated articles for delivery, etc. Above all, we had deeply significant conversations with members of Conquer COVID-19. When speaking to one of the leaders, Reza Fakhraei, it was emphasized how important it is to come together as a society to support those in need. Not only are our frontline workers extremely vulnerable in these circumstances, but there are also several members of our community who find themselves less than fortunate. Ultimately, we learned and settled today that individual efforts from donors, volunteers and contributors do indeed sum up to a greater final result! Beneficence can truly never go unnoticed.

Click here to watch a summary of the PPE Drive

PPE Delivery

PPE and Starbucks Coffee Delivery at the Heart Institute

We delivered our second order of PPE to the Heart Institute today! This time, we were able to provide the Heart Institute with an assortment of masks, gowns, and goggles. We were also able to deliver some Starbucks coffee to keep them energized. We will definitely be returning to the Heart Institute very soon with more exciting deliveries including hand sewn masks from passionate volunteers!


Partnership with Conquer COVID-19: Final Ottawa PPE Drive On May 9th!

Frontline First will be closely working with Conquer COVID-19 in the future to not only supply PPE to hospitals, but also other needs such as female hygiene products to shelters! Please come out and support Conquer COVID-19's final Ottawa PPE drive this Saturday, May 9th, which will be happening at 1050 Morrison Drive from 9am-5pm. PPE and other items such as hand sanitizer, hygiene products, etc will be accepted. Frontline First will also be there to help out so please come by to say hello!

Learn more about Conquer COVID-19


Partnership with Starbucks

We are very excited to announce that we will be working closely with Starbucks Laurier to provide coffee every other day to help our frontline workers at various hospitals stay alert! Hospitals include the Ottawa Civic Hopsital, the Ottawa General Hospital, and the Queensway Carleton Hospital.

Click here to watch our delivery video

PPE Delivery

Our First PPE Delivery At the Queensway Carleton Hospital

Today, we were able to drop off our first order of PPE at the Queensway Carleton Hospital! This included masks, gowns, and goggles. Frontline workers are extremely grateful for everyone who has made this possible! Please continue supporting us to help even more frontline workers. Watch our video for a quick summary of our delivery and conversation with frontline worker Kim.

Click here to watch the video


We Have Reached $5000 in Donations!

Thanks to all the support you have shown us, we have officially fundraised $5000 going towards PPE purchases for our frontline workers! Please support and look forward to our future projects as we are currently working towards providing more equipment to our frontline workers!

Click here to watch our thank you video!

PPE Order

Our First Orders of PPE Has Been Placed

Thanks to your donations we have placed our FIRST equipment order! This would not have been possible without your support. Please keep sharing with your family and friends so we can support frontline healthcare workers by providing them with the PPE they need!

Social Media

Instagram and Facebook Launched!

We have officially launched our Instagram (@frontlinefirst_) and Facebook (FrontLine First Ottawa)! We will be using these platforms to give updates of our initiative, as well as important information/news about our frontline workers. Thank you to all the support, we have been receiving from everyone including local healthcare professionals and influencers!