Why Frontline First?

COVID-19 is an extremely infectious virus that has taken the world by storm. Countries all around the world are experiencing this disease; however, a large barrier to combating the disease is the shortage of resources - PPE in particular. PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and is essential for frontline workers because it prevents them from getting infected while treating patients.

Within the past few weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases in Ottawa has grown exponentially and will continue to do so. Hospitals and news outlets have made it clear that they are desperate for PPE and have asked for donations. However, with PPE being sold out everywhere it is nearly impossible to do so.

This initiative was started because we figured that if we were able to find an overseas manufacturer that could supply equipment, we would be able to help hospitals in Ottawa that are in desperate need of it. This way, we can keep our frontline workers safe, as well as patients and the vulnerable populations.

How Are We Helping Our Frontline Workers?

Our team has been in contact with both an overseas manufacturer of medical grade PPE, as well as the Ottawa hospitals to determine what is most desperately needed. This way, we are able to use our donations in the most efficient manner. As donations come in, we will place orders accordingly, and small shipments will arrive approximately every 10 days. Once these shipments have arrived, they will directly be donated to the Ottawa hospitals to help our vulnerable frontline workers.

Meet the Team!

Alexa Cheng
Health Sciences, University of Ottawa
Founder & President
Smile Peng
Engineering Science, University of Toronto
Vice President
Nadine Cheffi
Biomedical Sciences, University of Ottawa
Creative Director
Olivia Mercier
Medical Science, University of Western Ontario
Director of Marketing
Ana Spasojevic
Biomedical Sciences, University of Ottawa
Logistics Director
Emily Rowan
Queen's University
Co-Director of Fundraising
Emma Collier
Biochemistry, Queen's University
Co-Director of Fundraising
Holly Truglia
Psychology, University of Ottawa
Media Executive
Brenda Truong
Biomedical Sciences, University of Ottawa
Fundraising Executive
Tala Salaheddin
Biomedical Sciences, University of Ottawa
Fundraising Executive
Vanessa Morin
Neuroscience, Concordia University
Logistics Executive

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